I have decided to start a podcast yes that’s right me Sistah Soul aka Moter mouth is going to do it. Now I know you lot gonna say well what about yuh YouTube?  I shall still be doing that concurrently with my podcast but I feel like YouTube is not holding my heart as much as it used to.

When you are  consistently posting content but yet receive very little views it is a blow to the ego I won’t sit here and lie like it doesn’t. I try my hardest but people watch what they want to watch and this is me posting my content and consistently sharing and I’m still not getting anything. So YouTube is the back burner for the moment though I will be posting a video today after my podcast.

Now as for my podcast I wanted to try a new avenue I way to get my message across and podcasts are becoming very popular as of the last couple of years. You can say want within reason. With some form of protection over yuh identity. Now I am aware that a lot goes into podcasts as well but I believe I’m better suited to this format.

I shall be covering everything from racism, colourism, hot topics in the media, what music I love, and my feelings on self worth and development as well as trying to inspire women especially black women to be themselves unapologetically. So often black women are silenced even on YouTube I feel that podcasts allows you stand up and be heard….

It did not take me very long to decide to do this I spoke to a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago an asked their opinion but I had to wait until my current uni assignments were done and out the way before I could record. I was not trying to juggle anything yuh feel mi so now they are done I shall record episode one today and it shall be entitled box braids and boxed brains cause I’m mad like that ha….. ❤️

Written by Sistah Soul 🌹

If can’t hear then yuh mussss feeeeeeel…..

My inbox on Facebook has become a revolving door of fuckery, I couldn’t tell you how many men are in my dms trying it and trying mi. I’m sorry does it sound harsh to say I don’t give you are disabled and want to be friends first of all trying to guilt trip mi into being friends will not work. Secondly I would have told you about your disgraceful self but I thought you have enough to be going about so let me stay quiet and blessed.

I did not realise a bikini profile pic was all it took for men to be in my dms but why is it never the guy you want. I mean damn dear jah give a sistah a break nuh…. anyway off topic lol let’s keep it real all the way if you are not in my friends list being in my inbox won’t get you into it and furthermore if I don’t want to add you I don’t not have to. It is my life as perfectly messed up and blessed as it is.

My main focus in life is university studying for my degree I don’t not have time for the following aka wutless men, men who creep in the dms, men who can’t understand what no means, and finally men who ignore you for months then pop up like a jack ass inna box good day and galang.

So if this PSA does not get you to leave me alone I don’t know what will….


Written by Sistah Soul 🌹