You can’t gst away from Jamaican black castor oil these days but is it actually beneficial?!!

Well apprently so I’ve done my research and found five different ways it can help you so here we go!!!

1. Grow and thicken your hair

a number of people are suffering from thinning hair for a number of reasons that can be due to stress, relaxing your hair or simply not taking care of your hair (‘guilty of this final one’) so according to what I’ve read sunny isle Jamaican black castor oil has properties that can regrow and rethicken thinning hair. Now I have used it myself and can say I’m getting lil hairs growing in along my hair line where previously there was none so I know it will take time but I’m willing to wait and be patient…

2. It can regrow and thicken your eyelashes and eyebrows now I know for a fact plenty of women use it on their eyelashes I never have done as I’m prone to allergic reactions and I don’t want my eyes to swell up but yes if you feel to you can use it there. It can also thicken up thinned out eyebrows, when we over pluck or over thread our eyebrows they thin out to the point where the shape does not look as good. Jamaican black castor oil will over time thicken that hair but try not to over do it when your hair does return to its fullness or you may have to start the process all over again.

3. Removes makeup and excess dirt

now this is one that has me like huh it can remove dirt of your face and makeup but then again it is oil and oil is know to remove impurities so I guess it’s similar to coconut oil. Now I will not be using this on my face knowing how sensitive my skin is I’ll probsbly end up with a rash but like I said feel free to use it and experiment all you Jess to do is wash your face and exfoliate then pour a lil castor oil on to a cotton wool ball or pad either or is fine then wipe your face and voila it should be full of the excess dirt you’ve missed.

4. Can help with dry skin the good thing about this oil is it can help with dry skin so you can have your shower or bath then while your skin is still damp rub the Jamaican black castor oil in. I do similar but I use palmers vitamin e oil then on top of that use palmers body cream and my skin feel likes butter. So any oil and damp skin works ☺️

5. Hot oil treatments one of my favourite things is using oils on my scalp to do hot oil treatments they do help your hair to grow wonders and castor oil is no different you can use it all over scalp while it’s already heated up or rub it in your scalp while it’s at normal temp then leave it over night so your body’s heat can do the process your hair will feel soft and smooth it will help in detangiling any knots your have and helps your hair take in moisture as your cuticles will be lifted from the heat. (Works wonders if yuh low porosity like mi).

So there you have it five ways Jamaican black castor oil is handy (note the sunny isle brand has a very  burnt smell it takes a while to get used to but it also the real deal)

Written by Sistah Soul ❤️


So it’s 2018 and we are still having the same conversations and rightly so.

Let me explain I want to understand why texture discrimination is still going on?, I want to understand why there is such a thing as people who have locs or dreads. Or whatever you feel to call them is not natural?,  🤔🤔🤔 like who came up with this nonsense and tell me where I can find them cause they clearly need a slap.

Lets talk facts if we left our hair alone still washed it and moisturised but never combed either using hair tools, or our fingers our hair would do what form locs! Why do you think kinkier hair textures tends to loop around itself so easily and form knots it’s doing what it wants and it’s happily locking then we have to decide do I want to leave my hair like this or you know use a product with a lot of slip and get rid of the tangles.

Your hair just needs a hug and so it’s giving itself one it’s so blessed, but that is primarily how locs are formed. They are called free form you leave your hair alone and it will eventually loc up on its own. There are other forms also where manipulation is used to form the locs those are the so called more appealing because apparently free form locs are not desirable miss me with that bullshit.

Having your hair parted and each individual twisted loc is much more attractive then your hair free and doing what it wants ok then. Fyi I love all locs no matter how they are formed I just hate the double standards as if we black people do not have enough to deal with.

The other side of texture discrimination is type 4 is represented less. When we look at hair companies they are not showcasing us and our kinkier hair textures.

It is always looser hair textures now it’s not the models fault, I don’t blame them I blame these companies who try to act like black people are a monolith and we can be seen in one form even though we all have different skin tones, different hair types it is a joke.

Then when we look on YouTube a lot of the time YouTube vloggers even someone as big as naptural85 has less views and subscribers compared to someone whose hair is yes natural but looser textures aka type 3. Their hair is more curly rather then kinky they typically get more views more subscriptions. Where is the love for those who have kinkier hair where is the love?

Now people may disagree but I have seen this time and time again it is as if colurism and texturism are now intertwined.

Speaking of love let’s learn to do better and heal some of the past wounds that we have inflicted on each other those scars run deep like a scab that falls off then reattaches. Learn to love one another.

Finally I would just want to say that if you choose to do the exact opposite, of what the so called natural hair community wants you to do. Then so be it you have every right to do as you please if you want to use hair grease in your routine then use it I most certainly will be once I’ve taken these box braids down. Remember when we was younger and our mum or grandma would wash our hair but it in Bantu knots then when it was dry plait it up and grease our scalp. Do you remember the length retention our hair did not grow because of the scalp but because of low manipulation one hair style that lasted to wash day the following week.

When we are constantly in our hair and expecting it to grow it nuh work. So I’m going back to hair grease I’m going back to one protective hair style that will last a week or so and leave mi hair Di rass alone , I’m boycotting the natural hair community’s standards and writing my own……..

Written by Sistah Soul ❤️

Black girl magic is not me sacrificing my principles for your pleasure sorry I don’t play that……..

Black girl magic is a term used to describe we black women all the world in all our glory, yes black British girls, black West Indian girls, african American women etc it is a word that brings a sense of unity to us all. I for one am known for constantly posting this word using the hash tag on either twitter or Instagram. It makes your post just so much more intriguing.

Black girl magic to me is acknowledging the strength of our black ancestors that came before us, while simultaneously not forgetting our own. To survive in a world where racism still exists (i’m So tired I could go to sleep for 50 years and racism still would exist’) that is how ingrained in society racism is it’s not just people calling you names on the street in a pub.

It is the subtle way we are discriminated against when applying for jobs, there have been incidences where employers have denied jobs based on our first names because according to them they are too ‘black’ sounding. Well ain’t  that a…… erm let me watch my mouth but really too black sounding aka it’s too ghetto and let me not get started on the black women being fired for wearing box braids but yet our natural hair is too militant for the work place ‘inserts side eye here 😒😒’

Black girl magic is not excepting mediocrity just because it’s painted in your favourite colour and has a nice bow on it…. That bow could be bright red my favourite colour and I’m still not here for it. For example stop telling dark skinned black women that they are pretty for a dark skinned girl.

It is the most demeaning  thing to say essentially saying I don’t like your skin colour but you are acceptable. Back handed compliments is what I don’t associate with so please keep that nonsense to yourself and don’t put your racist colurist nonsense upon wi understand nuh?……

Black girl magic is in our power to continuously rise despite the stomping on our self worth, the breathlessness of unfounded hatred and a punch in our magnificence we are black girl magic in its finest form…….

Written by Sistah Soul…..❤️

if you don’t know who stefflon don is girl you are about to find are you ready then let’s get into this article…..

I question completely the idea of light skinned privilege while still loving my black skin

Acknowledgement of light skin privilege even now in 2018 is sadly lacking, just admit you have it and we can move on. Now steff is an uk artist up and coming her music is quite good I won’t take that away from her. Recently one of her old tweets from 2013 has surfaced and here is where the trouble begins.

The tweet said and I quote ‘ all you dark skinned bitches hating on light skinned bitches don’t act like if god gave you a choice you wouldn’t change your colour lool.’ Erm come again?!! Did just say oh I think she did….. Sorry to burst your bubble steff you fail to realise something which is glaringly obvious you ready for it? YOUR DUMB ASS IS BLACK TOO NUH RASSSS it’s bad enough we have to deal with racism but colourism is friendly little sister has shown no signs of going anywhere anytime soon I mean lord god.

I understand she was 22 at the time but come on at that age you know exactly what the hell you are saying but I suppose  since your brain was not fully developed (the brain matures at age 25) I guess you could be forgiven but no sorry when the person who digged up this tweet questioned you about it you promptly deleted it and then denied you ever wrote it.

Girl goodbye with the denial it wasn’t fake nor a hack you wrote it now you need to own it. Similar happened to stormzy back in November his old homophobic tweets were dug up and unlike steff he owned up to them and apologised why is it so hard for her to do the same. Colourism has its roots in colanism the lighter skinned slaves were treated some what better though still brutalised extremely while the dark skinned slaved were made to be in the field. It’s also the whole idea of pretty light skinned babies with loose curly hair comes from its all from slavery.

now if we are truly to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery ‘as Marcus Garvey famously said’ then we need to unlearn the the things that keep us from true progression as a race. We need to grow into our true selves we always quick to speak up and out against racism but yet when it’s colourism we are deadly silent. Now I’ve deleted stefflon don’s music out of my phone but I do not acknowledge people like that but I won’t write her off completely I hope she admits soon the damage ignorant and offensive tweets cause. Own up to your fuckery and there may be hope for you yet……

Written by Sistah Soul ❤️