Black girl chronicles do I trust relaxer companies

A wonderful thing is happening hair relaxers sales are on the decrease. As more and more black women embrace their natural hair free from chemicals that are in fact poisonous. Companies  that made them are now introducing natural hair care lines to keep up with demand. For example dark and lovely arguably the biggest manufacturer of hair relaxers are now producing and marketing natural hair care lines. I’m sorry to say if you don’t change how you operate you will get lost. It begs the question though, can we trust them to not create natural hair products that are full of chemicals which possibly can cause further damage.

People think it’s a trend it’s not natural hair is a big thing black people in particular are being much more cautious with what we eat drink and ultimately what we put on our hair and on our skin. I’m not here to discourage anyone from relaxing their hair only do your research weight up the pros and cons and see if it still works for you in the long run. It’s why I gave myself a break from it and that turned into me almost five years later saying I can’t do relaxers any more the headaches the burns I took care of my hair with washing it deep conditioning going hairdressers for treatments but all that adds up it’s costly to maintain relaxed hair I was tired of the having to relax it every six weeks for it look good. At the end of the day who I am I impressing myself or other people?

Now relaxed hair companies are always observing and taking note of what black wonen are doing and once they see their products are not seeming like they used to. It becomes we need to change to otherwise we will not survive. So for every consumer out there whether you relax or are natural always take caution and don’t just buy something because everyone else does do your own research spend your money wisely!!!

By Sistah Soul 🖤


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