Black girl chronicles part 14

Kim kardashian was compared to who?

So it’s come to my attention that a few short months ago, Kim kardashian whose claim to fame was staring in a sex tape with her ex the singer ray j has been compared to Sarah baartman by the New York Times. The literal shiver that just went through my spine was one of disgust how could an enslaved black woman be compared to a woman whose body is the only reason she gets attention and she allows it to be such.

Sarah baartman was essentially forced n the position she was in due to racism sexism misogyny she was devalued because her body proportions at the time were not see as the norm forced to be a spectacle to perverted white men who only saw her as sexual object and not the beautiful black African woman she was. Sarah was abused….

I can’t fathom how on earth kim could have been compared to her in the first place one she is black, two to my knowledge Kim had never been treated like an utter freak purely due to the shape of her natural body. Never has she been subjected to the sexual violence without actual  touching that Sarah and black women have to deal with!!

Lets keep it real yes let’s Kim is a white woman, white women do not deal with the same things that black women do. This is a fact black women get attacked on a almost daily basis purely because our bodies are shaped different and we look different but yeah it’s nothing to do with race cool…..

Anyway let me stop ranting sistah soul ❤️


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