Worthless men part three

Where do I begin? Do I have a sign on my forward saying sucker here because it seems it’s what some of these men think!!

Let me tell you how I can not count on my two hands how many men who have jumped in my inbox when they already have gyal are you stupid? I would never in a million years entertain your fuckery now previously I would have exposed these men showing the inboxes to all and sundry but now it’s not my style I don’t have have the energy or time.

Letting negative energy into your life leads to negative thoughts negative actions nope I will not. It takes all my being to not cry because I question what does this say about me since they don’t want to leave me alone. Some men want their cake and want a slice of someone else’s I’m not here for the bullshit please use your brain if you in my inbox telling me you want me and you have a gyal what makes me think you would be any different.

I don’t trust words people say because they are meaningless actions are the biggest indicator of a persons truth their tongue can lie but what they do is honest…….

Shout out to all the dutty rass hole bastards who won’t leave me alone when yuh have ooman you gonna learn one day when she finds out and yuh left all alone because you didn’t value the beautiful woman by yuh side while looking for something sweeter

Written by Sistah Soul © 2017 ✊🏿✌🏾


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