No black dolls?

It’s been brought to my attention numerous times the lack of black dolls there seems to be here in the United Kingdom. I remember a couple of months ago jamelia was very vocal about struggling to find black dolls for her two daughters and spoke on how there is racism within the doll industry. Imagine the uproar there would be if there was all black dolls, and not a single white doll. White people would be the first to complain and call it racism but wait they did.

Jamelia was labelled a racist and told to stop moaning because apparently we black people moan too much about issues that are valid and effect us daily. Let alone it is another case of a black woman being silenced which they love to do keep us quiet women must know their place it’s bad enough black women be seen in the media and out on the street but for us to talk as well oh dear we must be stopped. ‘Inserts sarcasm here’

It is a fact that you can not teach a child especially a black child to love themselves without representation on the shows they watch not seeing other little black girls or black boys. Then we talk on the lack of black dolls available and the ones you do find online are ridiculously expensive because there is so little of them. Things are getting better though like I stated black dolls being online is a step in the right direction but still more to needs to be done.

Are black barbie dolls even available here in the United Kingdom? If so are they reflective of the various features we black people have, or our various skin tones!! Every black person on earth is different though they may share some common traits but we are all beautiful and this is what we must teach our children teach them the art of self love they are portraits yet to be complete it’s time we fill in the missing pieces…..

Written by Sistah Soul © 2017 🖤✊🏿👑


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