Black girl representation

Black girl representation is so important right now!! How do we teach our little melanated angels that it is ok to be them? That it is ok to be black and full of passion and creativity, young black girls are wise beyond their own years and it’s time we remember that.

Teach them well and they shall fly…..

We need to let our black girls fly, we do this by encouraging them to be whatever they want to be free from criticism and judgement. We inform them that yes white supremacy is very real and you will struggle because it’s reality we need to stop living in Alice in wonderland she has privilege to be ignorant we don’t. If anything in history has taught me is dispite the challenges we have come across as black people we some how manage to prosper. We are incredibly strong intelligent individuals who are also full of heart.

When I say black representation I mean what does a little black girl see when she looks in the mirror does she see a wise beyond her years person or does she perceive her blackness to be something to be ashamed of, the media has made it incredibly difficult for us to uplift our black children. For everyone positive affirmation we give them to feel pride in their features and heritage they give a thousand negative portrayals of black females who have attitudes and are always angry. Oh let me not forget their favourite one of late referring to us black women as ugly.

The problem is when we black women are vocal about the disdain of the attack on us we are quickly labelled ‘difficult’ whereas white women who do the same are labelled passionate and care about one another. So how through all of this can we make our little ones rise. To I still in your child the confidence and greatness that they are meant to be starts from when they are very young. Every day positive affirmations, let them know they are beautiful, smart, creative that creativity is just waiting to be unlocked but it is always with in you.

Tell them yuh natural hair is a wonderful thing it’s like a garden of roses forever growing and when you walk people stop an stare because you are special. The ancestors walk with you every day whispering in your ears letting you know they will never leave you and when things get on top of you they will be there you just have to listen…… Your melanin forever glistens little sistah 💜

Written by Sistah Soul 🔮💜🙆🏾


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