Wgn underground cancelled?

In case you’ve been living under a huge rock you would have caught on to the brilliance that is wgn underground. A periodical drama based on the Underground Railroad where slaves escaped to their freedom. This show was relevant not just to black Americans but black people across the world no matter what  country we live in.

Usually when we watch shows that are based on racism and slavery, the narrative is always the same black people get abused and along comes a white person to save us. Now in history white people did free us from slavery but it was not for our own gain, it was as always for theirs.

Harriet Tubman’s character in season two of underground was a nice touch, especially as she had been mentioned in season one but it was not until season two that we got to see her. Also to be reminded of what a courageous intelligent brilliant black woman she was. Harriet risked her life mutiple times to free enslaved black people and it is about time her story was portrayed on screen not just written about in books. Books which get rewritten to the point where you can not tell where it’s reality of fiction.

Now moving on it was recently announced that Wgn has been bought by the Sinclair group who have not only cancelled underground but also several other shows on the network. Their main goal is to become the brand new Fox News (insert side eye here). So we all know that Fox News is highly racist and bias but yes let’s turn wgn into that  channel  as if one station isn’t enough. Maybe I am wrong but I have a distinct feeling racism is to play for why underground has been cancelled.

Anytime a mainly black cast does brilliantly well in reviews and ratings along comes the we must cancel you now. It is as if we can not have anything to ourselves the same bullshit propaganda black people rose white people smackis back down into place over and over.

Let me not talk on the fact that love and hiphop, empire and real housewives of we ain’t got no shame lane are still going highly watched entertainment television. Which shows us black people in our rightful places being hot messes and we apparently do not know how to act. We black people are allowing ourselves to be laughed at by viewers worldwide it’s like a zoo only the cage is a television and the poking and pointing is done through Internet forums and social media pages.

So far Oprah Winfrey’s Own channel has passed up on underground and so has bet, are we surprised ( insert super side eye here) bet is no longer black owned so showing black people in a positive light and actually fighting to escape their oppression won’t be on the top of their agenda and you wohld be mad to think so. Here is hoping that Hulu which shows episodes of underground will pick up the show full time or even Netflix fingers crossed….

Underground we have not given up!!!!

Written by Sistah Soul 💜✍🏾🔮🙆🏾


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