Angry black woman?!

Have to say I am quite sick of the notion that all black women are angry, it is as if we are not allowed to speak our minds and voice our disapproval from time to time…..

How many times can assertiveness be confused with anger? How many times can black women be silenced, it is as if they are putting invisible hands over our mouths. With a sign up above saying black women need only be seen and not heads news flash racism is still very present but slavery is over and we shall not be made to dim our shine for you or anybody.

If you look in the public eye there are several black female celebs who speak out on issues that effect we black women. If it is not other black women labelling them angry, combative they need to chill and do not fight everything. So you mean to tell you would rather us sit in silence and take abuse thrown at us who are you trying to please?

Its also the media demonising we black women as if we have no self control, but it is funny how whitewomen are free to scream about the issues misogyny etc cause to us women as a whole without being shut down. Or maybe I’ve just not noticed and I evidently do not wish to.

Its time for we black women to stay speaking out, do not allow your truth to be hidden away you are blessed and strong……

Written by Sistah Soul 💜🔮🙆🏾✍🏾


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