Never be afraid

From one black woman to another,
Never be afraid of walking tall
Never be afraid of asking questions
Never be afraid of working alone
Never be afraid of falling in love
Always be brave enough to walk in yuh truth
Always represent yuhself first before others
Never be afraid to tell someone yuh messing up it’s time to change
Always be brave enough to walk away from situations that are toxic
Never compromise who are you are for anyone
Never let people’s perceptions of you change who you are
Never tell yuhself you aren’t good enough
Always let that melanin shine
Always let yuh African features glow
Always remember the ancestors walk with you daily
Never forget yuh past but don’t let it stop you from having a great future if anything it should push you harder
Walk those hips talk those lips and let yuh greatness flow through yuh finger tips…….
Sistah Soul 🌹💋© 2017


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