Black girl chronicles part 13

Girlllll don’t do too much……

what is this foolishness I’m seeing colourism we’re still doing this in 2017 yuh mussi crazy come on now. Only now it’s not just dark skinned black women and men being alienated being told they’re not worthy because they’re too dark. Now black people of darker hues are actively segregating themselves from lighter skinned black peoples by saying that if your light skinned with loose curls or almost straight hair you’re not white.

You remember from the movie mean girls when the devil b**** said ‘you can’t sit with us’ now this is happening in real life to say I’m disgusted disappointed frustrated at the lack of knowledge from so called ‘educated folks’ wha dis fadda gad people who are supposedly educated have saw dust for brains.

You try to rationalise it and question how they came to this foolish conclusion, considering the fact that one day god forbid we’re back as slaves on plantations we would all be in the same place no matter whose light or dark. Your hobestly think your ‘woke’ and conscious but yet you do this nonsense being woke is about being enlightened to what’s going on and while we’re being oppressed we’re playing whose the one we can pick on.

Its fruatrating and tiresome and it’s about time it stops this colourism mentality harks back to slavery lighter skinned slaves were kept in the house while the darker skinned ones were left outside on the plantation to get darker. That started the initial  seperation but if slavery is over why can’t we reunite and fight or are we too tired of fighting the enemy we now internalise our hate and put it on each other.

Colourism whether we admit it or not is internalised racism where we take what our oppressers think of us and put it on each other. I mean dividing ourselves by colour ones too dark too brown too light she must be white is that right?……

Im tired of having this never ending discussion because it’s hurtful to black people who are fighting on your side and you dismiss them because you don’t consider them like you because their shade is much lighter than yours……..

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!! We’re still being racially abused stop allowing yourself to be pawns in their games of chess

Written by Sistah Soul 🖤💜🌻🌻



    1. Exactly sis it’s why i had to speak on it plus I’m doing a video later today as a part 2 we need to speak on these issues


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