Body positivity

I’m turning 29 In a little over a month and I’ve finally put on weight which I’ve been trying to do for years but now I’ve achieved it. I’m up from my usual 9 and a half stone to just over 10 stone as im pear shaped it’s gone to my hips and but and a lil on my stomach giving me love handles which I admit I am loving lol….

At first I felt insecure about the weight gain as I’m known as skinny minny Keshia who as soon as I put put on weight it drops of with no trace. This time around I’ve had this weight on for two months with no signs of it disappearing I either embrace It or get rid of it by cutting down on my eating habits but I don’t actually want to loose it because it looks good on me. So I’m incoperating fresh fruit into my diet more often then i was doing before. I’m also increasing my water intake to help I find I’m going to have this weight I might as well drink healthier.

Im currently in the process of doing squats and sit ups and crunches im trying to tone up maintain the weight but make it toned so it looks better I miss my flat stomach.

My body positivity is to look at the best options of how to work with what I got. How can I cut some of the fat from some places and then it into muscle. While keeping this big ass that’s grown out of nowhere ha. Even my legs have gone a lil bigger mainly my thighs which can be explained as I’m naturally pear shaped. The only places ive not gained weight is my breasts I’m still sadly 34b and no change sighs but it could be worse I could have no breasts at all.

So what im saying ladies is embrace the flaws if you don’t like what’s you see in the mirror try and change it if you can… don’t let nobody tell you, you aren’t perfect how you are some of us skinny slim fat ‘thick’ that doesn’t devalue you us as human beings we should not be shamed for our body types nor made to feel that’s we are any less special then those who have the so called perfect body, perfect body isn’t real because not everybody fits it……

Written by Sistah Soul ❤️💛💚



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