4 years natural

Yup can you believe it I know I can’t it’s been four years since i returned back to being natural it’s gone by so quick in the blink of an eye as they say….. A few things I’ve learnt over the years well?!

1. Not everything good for goose is good for gander what I mean is we are always so quick to jump on hypes when it comes to the natural hair movement. Oh this product is being hailed as a natural hair blessing and then when you try it doesn’t do a thing for you what’s does that tell you? If you are using products that’s work for your hair keep on using them….

2. Hair grease leads to hair peace ✌🏾

I know everyone and their mama is against using grease in your hair but i for one have no problems with using it. It does wonders for my hair when’s using something that goes against the grain but works for you why would you stop using it? Majority of the time everyone wants to be to exclusive with certain things because that’s what they’ve heard or seen in YouTube videos. Don’t use grease it’s so bad for you but remember when you was a little girl and your mother would grease and plait up your hair so you could get on to school and your hair would grow just fine remember that!!!

3. Simple tings simple life

Now I’m in my fourth year of being natural I’m oearjing my hair craves simplicity. It does not like any type of hair attached to it my scalp will flood my hair with little white flakes of yuh better remove this shit right now. Co-washing is a no no my hair loathes it and it ne at holds moisture for any long period of time a standard deep condition, shampoo and normal conditioner does my hair fine. My hair thrives on wait for it being left alone!!! I notice when I’m always interfering with my hair and trying new styles is whenever I experience more shedding when I leave it alone just spritz it with water daily my hair thanks me.

4 Finally growth isn’t everything

The final thing ive learn to is that the healthiness of yuh hair is by far more important then it being long. If you take good care of your hair it will grow you may not have hair all the way down your back or even have super thick hair and that is ok!! Everybody’s natural hair is different even within the same hair type there are differences so what’s super thick on someone’s hair won’t be on yours embrace it and cherish it it’s all yours love your hair the way it is……

Written by Sistah Soul β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’š


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