Natural hair segregation 

Natural hair segregation is running rampant in the natural community let’s not talk on how darker skinned women with tight coils in their head aren’t attractive. Natural hair companies and those who ad placements are neglecting we who don’t fit their main target audience.  So you mean to tell me you want to brag about being down for natural hair buy yet you only focus upon one demographic which is light almost look white women with loose almost straight hair what????? 

The madness of that, I’m trying to comprehend it all but it seems as if I can’t why aren’t we show cased why are we hidden away as if we do not matter, it’s bad enough that now we have to learn to stay in our place and deal with lack of representation within the mass media. When I turn on the television I very rarely if ever see women who resemble me regarding skin tone, if their hair natural or relaxed it’s usually hidden underneath weaves because you know straight hair is better looking apparently.  

Black women need not be discriminated against by those same people they call their kin, when you see natural hair companies promoting their products the very first thing you see is what does not resemble you as if you’re just supposed to be proud they have a black face on the cover. That’s not to say we aren’t but oftentimes the darkroom skinned female is deemed less attractive,  too masculine, her hair in its magnificent tightly coiled form is too nappy therefore she is not approachable so she gets left out. 

We’re always discussing racism and colurism but let’s speak on natural hair segregation and discrimination based on hair type,  it’s 2017 why are we still doing this to echo other. We as black women have to deal with misogyny,  microagression, cultural appropriation,  being neglected, left to grown on our own and instead of sticking together we attack and divide ourselves.  When we do this who wins not us but racist white people. It is time for the madness to end, we need to embrace the various hair types and also our various skin tones because we are equally beautiful and worthy of being loved….

Written by Sistah Soul ❤💛💚


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