Black girl chronicles part 12 

Let’s talk about facial hair shall we because it seems we do not cover this topic enough sure we talk about love and men and other issues but let’s get down to the nitty gritty and say yes I’m a black woman who has facial hair. 

I’m not going to lie majority of the time it really pisses me of the fact the odd chin hair or lip hair grows in. You then have ever to pay money to get it waxed, or threaded of trust me this are better options then using cream or heaven forbid shaving don’t do it stop the madness. 

Now let’s talk causes there a number of reasons women develop excess facial one of them being polycycstic ovarian syndrome where cysts grown on the ovaries and cause excess facial hair, irregular periods etc. Now as far as I’m away pretty there is no cure for this but like most things it can be managed I wish there was a cure for every ailment under the sun but unfortunately life does not work that way.

I’ve again through research found that hormal in balance is through biggest cause of facial hair in women aka too much testosterone and not enough oestrogen will not only cause facial hair buy higher then normal sex drives and mess with your monthly cycle. Certain medications and other illnesses such as cushing can also play a role. 

Now there are a number of ways to remove excess facial hair the most popular I believe  is waxing where hot wax is applied to the problems area then sticky tape is used to pull the hair out from its root it’s quite affective as it takes a week or two for the hair to regrow over time the root will weaken meaning you can get waxed less frequently. 

Secondly there is threading which is Indian in origin where the hair is pulled out through the root but this time using string it’s very painful if you are not good with pain then this option isn’t for you I’m afraid.  The bright side about threading is because it pulls the hair directly out the root it leaves the root weakened eventually but it will take some time. 

The most expensive option is laser hair removal and with this there is no guarantees that it will work but I will say that there is improvement being made. Especially for us black women they normally have lasers specifically designed for black and other ethnic minority groups which can print rate our darker skin. This also means there is less risk or scarring and hyperpigmentatio which is the over production in melanin leading to dark marks on the outer layer of the skin. 

We women need to not be ashamed and afraid of talking about excess facial hair it can be unpleasant and embarrassing but I remember a few years back an Asian woman great her chin hair into a full beard to try and distigmatise facial hair and show that it’s ok and acceptable to have it. There is not a lot you can do to stop it growing it definitely does not make you any less feminine to have it at all. Facial hair and all you are still beautiful!!

Written by Sistah Soul ❤💛💚


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