Barbados 5oth


Barbados has treached a landmark milestone November 30th 1966 it achieved full independence from Britain. Becoming a standalone country. Now as we mark November 30th 2016 Barbados has been independent for 50 years which is a huge achievement.

Barbados is a country very close to my heart as my mum was born there and her family is from there also. I used to go there frequently as a child but it wasn’t until I became an adult I truly embraced the beauty of that tiny island in paradise.

The food is truly simulates your taste buds from the national dish flying fish and cou cou, till the macaroni pie I can not get enough. The music of Barbados is calypso and soca which originated in Trinidad and Tobago as well as the steel pan.

Everytime I go to Barbados I’m always blown away by the friendliness of the people. The sounds of their sweet dialect, the music which I mentioned previously the soca when I hear it, I feel to dance no matter where I am.

If you are looking for night life st.lawrences gap is the place to go packed full of restaurants, night clubs you name it. There are also several hotels that line the gap as its nicknamed so you never have to go to far if you are looking for entertainment.

Oistins is the place to go on a Friday night. Friday night fish fry is a big thing in Barbados the vibes are so lively and positive, oistins is always packed full of people on that day. You don’t just have to eat fish though as there are a variety of food stalls you can pick from.

They also do fish cakes which are small round fried dough balls which contain salted fish they are absoutely  delicious if I go to bim and don’t have a fish cake something is wrong with me lol.

Mosy importantly I go to Barbados for my family who I adore from my grandparents, aunts cousins. That sense of belonging to an extended unit England may have been my place of birth but my true home is where my heart lies with my family over there.

Big up Barbados on reaching this momentous time in history you truly deserve to celebrate 50yrs of independence I will love you until my dying day…..

Written by Sistah Soul


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