Black women and children

Malcolm x said in one of his speeches that the most unloved and unprotected woman in the world is the African American woman but little did he know his statements reflect how black women across the world are unprotected and unloved.

In  Jamaica currently an island I love to pieces it’s apart of my heritage as my dad was born there. Black women and children are being attacked murdered or raped and let’s not talk about how they go missing also. I am not writing this to condemn Jamaica because it’s not everyone there who is bad like this but what I do question is why is no one talking about this?!!

Are we really that complacent that we do not want to talk about these issues, when they effect us black women all over the world deal with these types of things why are these black men who are doing the killings being allowed to walk around scot free. If I remember correctly from reading the Jamaican observer a log of people are afraid so therefore they will not speak out and I can understand that. Fear can be truly crushing especially when those who are causing the problem are making threats that if you speak out you shall be next.

I do remember when there was a state of emergency declared last year in Jamaica a lot of these killings died down and virtually came to a stand still but as soon as it was lifted they started right back up again. A number of reasons could be behind why there is a wave of violence across beautiful Jamaica. I know some say it’s the music but truth of the matter is there are plenty of those who listen to classical music and they still go and rape and kill people so it’s not always music that’s to blame. I do believe that music artists need to be careful of what they say in their music as glorifying it isn’t helping the issue at all!!

From reading comments on the Jamaican observer Facebook page, or the Jamaican star it seems that Jamaicans main issue is corruption within the Jamaican government I do believe that if the government were to step in the killings would die down but its as if they do not want to when you are hearing about these issues daily and it’s happening daily it really breaks you down.

Lets be clear this isn’t a Jamaican problem though alone it is a worldwide problem all over black women are being left to fend for themselves. Why is this? It’s simple the media which is inherently racist has portrayed the black woman as a strong fierce aggressive individual and she doesn’t need a man to take of her. What they perceive to be aggression is often times mistaken with assertiveness. They do not recognise a black woman being assertive it’s automatically aggression because simply an educated black woman is their worst nightmare and anything they can do to keep us down they shall do and we have no room to complain apparently.

So what is the solution making sure to talk about these situations and not stick our heads under the sand. Even though I do not live in Jamaica as it’s a country I hold dear to my heart I want things to change for the better for black women to feel safe and that children anywhere in the world to know that’s it ok to walk around and enjoy their childhood without fear…..

Written by ✨Sistah Soul ✨ ❤️💛💚


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