Black British and a student 

Let’s talk candidly what is the point being black an going to school I honestly want to know, because it seems to me that while in school back children are being oppressed let me explain it. 

When I was in school I found that the history we learnt was never true and even though my parents were very good at teaching me what I needed to know,  it’s learning one thing in school and another at home it’s very confusing for a child.  Learning positive reinforcement at home learning your true history then going to school and being made to feel small and as if you don’t matter because you’re black and racist ass schools will never teach the truth.  

Half the time I wondered does it even matter if they did teach the truth they would again only teach it from their bias point of view where they feel as of taken Africans and forcing them into slavery did them a favour. Or perhaps African civilisations as they were before hand was all a myth and not true. In order for us to remain slaves we can not have knowledge of who we are our true selves because they are afraid of the backlash that would cause. 

In primary school history was mainly European history and then the small segment about black history aka we were only slaves and a little American history for example Malcolm x , Martin Luther king and Rosa parks that was it. There was no deep in depth knowledge about who we were beforehand the impact slavery had on us and is still having on us till this day none of that it’s all about how is benefits white people. The same history was taught in secondary school just at more advanced level bull shit. 

I’ll be damned if when  I have children they only get told a small piece of I factual information,  when I will try my best to teach the whole truth about what actually happened and what we were and can possibly be again but only if white supremacy where to crumble and racism no longer existed oh and every white person on earth admits their privilege. 

Especially white teachers who know the truth about black history but refuse to think of teaching little black girls and boys and also children of other ethnic backgrounds it because they risk getting fired I would rather get fired for speaking the truth then keep my job because I lived in comfortable silence.  

Written by Sistah Soul ❤💛💚


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