Once, twice three times a maybe?!

Taking your ex back is like pinching yourself on the arm to see whether you’re still awake it just causes unnecessary pain……..

I have a bad habit of running back to my ex I don’t know the hold he has over me, maybe it’s his voice or his touch or his sweet kisses. Or maybe it’s the endless ecstasy when we’re making love I just can’t decide. The truth is he is no good for you but a part of me craves him at the same time and will always but it’s not healthy.

We all indulge in healthy behaviours and there are thoughts of us who crave the unhealthy behaviours it gives you a rush a feeling of exhilaration. Every part of you says no do not go there but that one part that says yes ismagnified ten times louder and that’s it everything and that strength you think yuh have is weakened. Then you give in like a elastic band that’s been stretched over time eventually it doesn’t go back to shape.

Thats how i feel when im with him feeling of I’m wasting my time and yours it doesn’t work so let’s break apart and let things fall as they may. So now I can never go back for a third time I will never it’s one to move on and find someone better.

Written by Sistah Soul β€οΈπŸ’šπŸ’›


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