Natural hair lessons

One thing I’m learning as I progress on my natural hair journey, which is almost four years deep. Is my hair does not like braids or kinky twists aka any fake hair entwined in mine my scalp rejects it.

Its so hard to take care of natural hair in this cold weather. So I try to hide it away in what we in the natural hair community label a protective hair style but any protective hairstyle that involves fake hair is a big fat no no. I’m starting to believe im actually allergic to whatever they dip fake hair in, because as soon as I put it on my hair it itches to the point where I want to rip my scalp of. Secondly my scalp itself forms scabs all over it which never happens usually. I can’t keep wasting money on getting my hair done when it’s a waste of time and effort.

So from now I’ve learnt my lesson, no more fake hair my hair shall all be mine even when I go on holiday in august which I’ve not done for years this shall be a challenge but I can whether that storm ☺️❤️

Written by Sistah Soul ❤️💛💚✨


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