Love lessons

My heart was broken but the journey to find me is not over….,

I wish I could say I was an expert on love but I’m not I don’t know everything about love, being in love or most importantly loving myself. They say how can you hope to love another if you can not love yuhself, because when we truly find love it’s a reflection of who we are at that time it presents itself to us…

Im slowly learning to love myself but if I was to be honest it’s a long process we have to rewrite every little thing that we know and flip and reverse it so that we can begin to internalise feelings of positivity instead of hate. That hate is corruption and it festers within you to everything in you is repulsive. Once you’ve reached that point trust me it’s not game over what you choose to do next is all your decision. Love yuhself how you are but take yuh time to start from the top to the bottom enjoy every freckle or dark mark. Enjoy your big brown eyes, yuh skin which is so melanin rich the night sky gets jealous. Embrace every curve like turns in the road and when those negative thoughts creep up in your head like thief in the night scream no you are blessed and beautiful……

Written by ✨Sistah  Soul ❤️💛💚✨


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