Black British artists are undervalued!!

Yesterday I was scrolling through my instagram feed, when I came across  something that stopped me in my tracks Laura mvula posted a vid of her playing a piano and stares in the caption she had been dropped from her record label. I was in shock why is it the most talented artists always get dropped, what is going on here it’s madness. Then my good friend jannicka reminded me of something black British artists especially black women who are dark skinned are not of any value. To the British music industry, that institutional racism that sees black artists here in Britain get no love but lighter skinned black women or white artists get continuous support. I remember reading a couple of years ago the singer Alexandra burke was blacklisted from British radio stations I don’t remember the reasons. I do remember thinking what was the reason for a woman of supreme talent like Alexandra being black listed what had she done that was so bad to deserve that treatment. Even Craig David who was huge in the music industry during the early 00’s went to America for a brief spell, its as if when you are over there you get more love. It’s odd because America is more racist then Britain though not by much, yet they show more love to black artists. It’s highly disturbing that this trend still continues till this day in 2017, that artists who give their all will never been shown their due consideration to their talent. It boggles the mind, that we live in a country that insists over and over that they’re not racist yet the love black artists don’t get shown is a prime example. Let’s take the I believe it was the brit awards last year barely any black British artists were nominated despite them having dominated the sound waves last year. So they couldn’t even nominate one black artist but yet white artists were nominated in their droves. It’s those littles aspects of subtle racism let’s whiten out this music award show and act like no body will notice despite the fact that multi-culturalism and gentrification is prove that we are everywhere pretty much in the United Kingdom. You can not erase us as you see fit, racism is also about hiding what’s in plain sight. Years and years of the undervaluing of black British artists as if we they haven’t  contributed to the black music industry. In the 90’s jungle music was roaming through the radio waves, early 00’s it was garage music some of the biggest artists under that genre were so solid crew, more fire crew, Craig David etc and many many more. Let’s not act like black British artists didn’t have a huge hand in funky house exploding on to the scene like it did in 07′. Yet the British music industry continuously wants to erase black artists and their achievements and what they have accomplished. Most importantly their contributions!! Without black artists this music industry would crumble so many artists who are original and innovative their missing presence would be devastating. Black British artists you are important, you are worthy and you are somebody no one can tell you different. Shout out to one my my fave artists Laura mvula you are brilliantly talented keep on shining beautiful black queen, your fight is just beginning but true talent shall always rise and over come….

Black artists are like melanin footprints in a musical sand…..

Written by ✨Sistah Soul✨❤️💛💚



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