Black women and body image

My body is slim, skinny but my mind is big….

As you can tell I’m not exactly the biggest woman from as far back as I can recall I’ve always been the slim black girl. I do fit into the stereotype that a black woman is fuller figured with a round derrière, hips thighs and breasts. Instead I’m flat chested with a little booty but my hips are a nice size 12 which size 10 dresses refuse to go over I guess I can’t complain about that. Who decided what type of body a black woman needs or is expected to have? I truly want to know because I see pictures of African women, with all sorts of body types skinny, slim, fuller figured etc. When I was younger I never used to stick up for myself I used to allow people to make decisions for me on my body. You know the sly comments accusing you of being anorexic because your slim not realising how highly offensive that is. I wish people had brains in their head, but unfortunately not everybody does.

If we look back in history Sarah baartman was ridiculed for her body by racist white people they paraded her around France in a zoo like she was a friggin animal. They made pictures of her with her body features overly exhausted because they didn’t understand that black African woman can have that body type. Everything from her hair body and skin was a point of disdain for them sadly she passed away at the age of 25 and she had no dignity in death. Her body was put on display for all to see the attack on black women is never ending. No matter what your body shape is you are still black and beautiful can tell you any different. It does not matter if you don’t fit into what is required to be a ‘real’ black woman be your own kind of black woman no one size fits all that is the beauty of black women we come in a variety of shades and body types that’s the black girl magic that we need to survive. Our differences make us stronger as a group of people best believe that!!

My magic is in believing in all our pretty colours…..

Written by Sistah Soul ✨❤️💛💚✨




  1. What I’ve learnt with age is to not to care what people think or say about me, as long as I’m true to myself and stand up for what I believe in, I’m good.
    Had I known this at your age I would have been a lot happier and self content, like I am now.
    Just do you and own the ground you walk on, there will always be critics and judgemental people who are deflecting their own insecurities and self hate, have empathy for them for they know not what they do. 💛

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