Black girl chronicles part 11

Why I dislike train journeys

There is always one idiotic white person who travels on the train whose mission in life is to disrupt you from travelling comfortably.

Take for example yesterday  I was heading to university, I got on the train there was a seat next to white man so of course I politely told him excuse me. I wish I had not even bothered as when I went to sit down not only did he not remove his bag. He had the cheek to stare dead in my face, as if I had just slapped him!! Excuse me white man your ignorance and entitlement is disgusting, first of all I almost crushed your bag because you wouldn’t remove it of the seat. That was your mistake, secondly you ended up having to put said bag on the dirty train floor having snatched it up with your rude self. The absolute cheek, I’m sorry I bothered you so much with my black self that you had to move your bag. Oooh did I hurt your bags feelings, tell me did your bag have a first class ticket to you’re  a jack ass land please tell me so in future I can proceed to still not give a damn. I am tired of the nonsense if I can keep my things to myself and move them if people want to sit down, then you should also be capable and not be so rude and disrespectful this isn’t the first time this has happened either previously it was a white woman who did that’s for another day sighs. This is just a brief overview of the racism and white entitlement that we of ethnic origin have to deal with on a daily basis.

Its just another slot in this jackpot of bullshit

Written by Sistah Soul ✨❤️💛💚✨


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