Worthless men part 2

Listen now I don’t mean to be offend but let me say some of you men are dutyy and wutless u mean to tell me you’re a man and you say you like someone but yet you’re in several girls inboxes pon Facebook eh ah way di rassss

I don’t have time for foolishness, come correct or take your ass several steps to the left I will not hinder my growth for a fuck boy who still needs his mother to wipe his ass. It’s not hard you mean to tell me you’re in your 30’s but you acting 13 bwoiii standard are low these days truly low lower then Donald trumps hairline!! I’m trying to elevate myself and not be as petty minded but you make it so incredibly difficult and frustrating that sometimes my petty takes over this isn’t me Keshia this is Sistah soul and she’s taken me to a new galaxy lorddddd petty paradise…

I have my eye on a guy but I have no intention of approaching him just yet as I want to feel him out first you know using my intuition to see is he right for me would this be long lasting I don’t want it to be like my last boyfriend where it imploded into nothingness so I’m going to take my time and read 😏

Written by Sistah Soul ✨❤️💛💚✨


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