Black girl chronicles part 10

Desmond’s shall forever hold my heart….,

Hands  down my favourite to show of all time had to be Desmond’s I can not get over the simple brilliance of that show a show set in the heart of Peckham, London which first aired in January 1989 a black British sitcom where the main cast was all black!!

From Norman Beaton who played Desmond god rest his soul a Guyanese actor and comedian was the perfect guy I play this role. Funny engaging charismatic he certainly made Shirley his wife played by Carmen minors suffer but when you see the dynamic between them it worked seeing a black couple own their own business a hair shop Shirley dealt with the females and Desmond the men. The running joke throughout the show was that Desmond couldn’t cut hair and they would rather go to tony the assistant barber then Desmond himself.

Now to introduce the supporting cast there was the oldest son Michael ambrose played by Geff Francis uppity a little stuck up disconnect from his West Indian now where have you seen that before a person who feels that just because he has West Indian heritage he doesn’t have to speak it or even acknowledge it. It’s highly disappointing but I couldn’t help but laugh as the show progressed he did show improvement and starting looking inward to himself and appreciating his heritage and culture big up Michael

Secondly we have the only daughter of Desmond and Shirley Gloria played by Kimberly walker she was a bit  wild and out there full of confidence not afraid to stick up for her family. At the same time having a love hate relationship with Michael and Sean the youngest child. Gloria was quite different from Michael in the sense that while Michael loved his parents he wasn’t too fond of the Caribbean background he had. Gloria loved it she was proud of who she was that positivity shown is how I feel today myself proud of my West Indian heritage and roots big Barbados and Jamaica!!

Thirdly we have Sean the youngest like Gloria he loves his heritage and holds his head up high never ashamed to say where his parents are from. Sean was very much into his music always rapping a musical streak embedded in him like his father before him a saxophone player. He ended up going to university and not hanging around so much with his friends from school which is a plus and a minus. People grow and change under different circumstances and realise that things have to develop on their own.

Now  to introduce the rest of the supporting characters we have porkpie who was Desmond’s best friend who used to frequent the shop daily was hopelessly in love with Gloria’s sister susu and was also in the fictional group with Desmond the Georgetown dreamers he also had a spin of series called porkpie in which he was the main character the main premise of that show was him winning the lottery and also grieving the death of Desmond as norman Beaton  had died the year previously.

There was also Matthew who came from The Gambia an African student who was married with children but left them in The Gambia to study in England. A common event with him was saying there’s an old African saying he was one of my favourite characters seeing a black African man in traditional African clothes at certain points throughout the show was just beautiful.

There was Tony the only other white character who worked in the barbershop wasn’t my favourite character but he did add a certain dynamic to the show being that he was a white guy who loved Caribbean music and the food.

On to my guy leeeee if you know about Desmond’s then u should know who lee the wheeler dealer Desmond and Shirley’s surrogate son who was given up as a child into foster care Shirley and Desmond made sure to look after and keep an eye on him and they had a close bond. He found his mum in the fourth season ☺️

Now there are many other characters who were shown in the series but I just wanted to focus on the main ones who stood out to me. Desmond’s was a brilliant show showing a black nuclear family raising their three children despite Michael been grown and having his own place there was a sense of inclusion. Even to the point where whenever he came round to the barbershop Shirley would inquire whether he had eaten and claiming he was skinny which is such a West Indian thing lol. For those of us the viewers seeing this dynamic seeing black people going to work, headed of to university becoming a bank manager was a beautiful thing the positivity show in the show out weighed the negativity and this is why Desmond’s shall always have a place in my heart ❤️

Dress down pork pie dress down…..

Written by Sistah Soul ❤️💛💚




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