Black girl chronicles part 8

Thou shall enjoy thy petty music

So I decided this post shall be a lil different instead of the usual I’m going to post music that is the playlist to my petty. Because every superhero got to have a theme song don’t they lol!! So when I step into the room you’ll know I’m petty personified 😁😏

First up the ladies

1. Kelis bossy woiiii everytime  this song comes I literally start feeling myself thinking you got this don’t let nobody hold you down ever!!! Just remember you a bosssssssss

2. Rihanna needed me to decide whether this song is more crafty rather then petty is not my main concern she’s standing strong and proud and saying to the fuck bwois forget yuh feeling just fuck mi standard!!


3. Beyoncé best I never had shout out o my ex you were a punk heyy but I love you graciously now remember you are the best I never had I say this while I sashay away and wink 😉




4. Mariah Carey thirstyyyyy this song is the ultimate in petty I don’t know how many times I can say it but bwoiii you thirsty for a dream leaving me drowning and there ain’t no s.o.s




5. To round up the ladies blue Cantrell hit em style gosh what better way to move on and say fuck you




On to the men let’s see what they got!!

1. Joe stutter I mean nuff  said lol



2. Tupac how do you want it did u see him

in that music vid that was petty and fine





3. Beenie man romie this

dancehall classic aka don’t get me involved

in yuh shit 🎶🔥


4. Big Sean I don’t fuck with u

nuff said!! Deuces ✌🏾



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