Pain, passion and petty!!

I’m clearly living in a cycle of time wasting procrastination is my wonderful friend f my life!!

I wonder how long it will take me till I get distracted by something else you know I committed myself this week to getting a post on my blog a week but knowing my damn brain the first two days are good. Then boom ooh look people walking down the street, or oh look there is that book you haven’t completed yet my brain stays petty!! Petty thoughts continuously flow my brain as if they have no place to go, the usual ones are 1 wanting to cuss people out for being stupid or looking stupid please don’t stare st me in the street as if you’ve never seen a black person before behave. 2 dealing with ignorant mofos on the internet who don’t know the difference between banter and being rude while looking the crypt keeper breeded with big foot but you know that’s not my business. 3 is the magic number yes it is the times also don’t give a fuck about silly ass grown women throwing shade at me as if they don’t know their place in the world. If you’re almost 50 and throwing shade please know you are pathetic and pitiful and I shall no longer address u at all peace and blessings…

My pain comes from the internal self-doubt that cruises in my head all day every day, the fear of failure is over-whelming it crushes you to the point you anticipate everything going wrong. You can not live in this cycle any more snap out of it and stand strong change your mind set start saying i can achieve I am good enough, I am blessed and what ever I set my mind t shall come forward and multiply…. I am forever putting myself down it’s a curse and it’s far from an attractive quality but sometimes our negative  traits are what’s most prevalent to people because we push them out there. It’s time for a change a change is coming today

My passion is my poetry it reflects how my soul sings and my heart speaks it’s me in my purest form….. no hidden agenda if you want to see the colours of me read my poetry I put my all into to it to the point where I go blank for a few days then it comes racing back at the most unexpected times today I’m currently half way blank so one more poem to knock out then it’s getting my brain mash up again hey

Written by Sistah Soul ❤️💛💚


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