Success nuh easy

One  thing I’m learning as I grow older and mature is that life and success are not easy at all. When you truly want something you have to work your damn ass of its rare for things to be handed to you straight of the bat I know it’s never happened to me but if it does it means that someone saw in you what you couldn’t see in yourself….,

Having belief in ones self when you are so used to living in the land of self-doubt you have to retrain your mind to believe that A you can achieve anything you chose to no matter what. B there is no room for self-doubts in your head positive energy only think about it out what you want to achieve out into the universe….

Everything falls into place when it is meant to do not ever try and force it, but when it comes embrace it wholeheartedly….

just a short peice  on positivity

Written by Sistah Soul ❤️💛💚


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