Knocked back so what!!

That one time you gather up the courage to tell a guy you’re feeling him and he says politely ‘ nah I’m good’ dannnngg I think I’m gonna cry…

lol but in all seriousness if you ask a guy out or tell him you’re feeling him and he either doesn’t respond or let’s you down gently that has nothing baring on you whatsoever he doesn’t like you but it doesn’t mean no one else will. There is plenty more fish in the sea then one guy rejecting you and trust me I know I’ve been rejected plenty of times sighs

the funny thing is you can’t live wondering about a man knocking you back move on to the next one you may not be his one but you will be some else’s only one focus on that. I believe that every negative has a positive lesson in there somewhere. If we spend our time dwelling on why I wasn’t good enough for this man maybe if I’m more?!! More what attractive, nicer kinder have a bigger heart people will always ignore the good things about you because you that match up to their list. That’s not a bad thing because we all do it in a way but what you need to do is spend time on you and so the right person will come along and treasure you how you need to be….

Remember it won’t always be the guy you expect sometimes it won’t even be yuh type who knocks you of yuh feet but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be open to love from an unexpected place because that is at times the best kind of love so embrace that ❤️

Written by Sistah soul © 2017 ❤️💛💚


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