Little black girl

When I was younger I had a range of dolls from barbie to a little black baby doll who I loved and adored she had a yellow dress which she wore until I ripped it of in all her naked black glory. (I was a vicious child lol) My parents gave her to me as it was a presentation of me and who I was a little black girl. It’s difficult to survive in a world where we are told daily black women aren’t good looking enough, and that our features are more masculine how rude and offensive. What breaks my heart is that when little black girls and boys are given the choice of two dolls. They say we prefer the white dolls and pick that doll over the black one because they think the white doll is prettier and more attractive. Once they have that image and belief in their head it’s very hard to correct. It definitely isn’t easy when it’s hard to find black dolls that represent how your little girl looks with natural hair and African features. It makes me sad because I never dealt with this my parents raised me to be proud of who I was. That does not mean to say I didn’t struggle with my self esteem because kids can be cruel and they tore me to pieces at times to the point where I questioned what was my purpose? The amour of times I’ve been called ugly, rubber lips etc and it has an effect on regardless if you’re 5 , 15 or 25…. When our black girls are born teach from that young age engrain it in them that they are beautiful strong little princesses enable them to take on everything. Most importantly teach  them that no matter what others think of them that is not a reflection on who they are. You’re much better….

We need to teach our little black girls it’s ok to be them, they are beautiful with their crowns of glory, big brown eyes that tell a story, their lil brown feet which leaves a mark on this world as ancestors rejoiced because a new light has been born. You are little seeds of greatness waiting to rise and grow and bloom into warriors and queens that you are we love u little black girls…..

Written by Sistah Soul 2017 © ✨💋💄



  1. How true. A painful reality of the world we live in. It’s time we reclaimed our blackness. Pride in our kinky, coily and gravity defying hair. Love who and what we are. Teach our little ones that what someone thinks of them doesn’t define their nature x


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