To be a black woman

Hey  peeps to be a black woman in today’s society is becoming increasingly difficult and at the same time there is an explosion of self love and loving one another that I’m starting to see it’s truly a beautiful thing.

Malcolm x said the most unloved woman on earth is the African American woman but even though I’m black British of Caribbean descent I can relate to that. It seems black women all over the world are told their not worthy of being loved, picked on bullied attacked and often times through no fault of our own just the fact we breathe is of issue to some.

Let me  break it down some of the issues we black women face!!

1. Microaggresion in the workplace these little attitude adjustments that white peoples throw out at you because they can’t comprehend you are an intelligent individual who can assert herself. You know when you get told to calm down and not be so aggressive, they literally can’t handle an smart educated woman whose black so let’s shut her down how about no!!

The time for telling black women we need to be silent and know our place isn’t today it’s frankly disgusting we’re going to keep pushing untill the tide turns best believe it will happen one day.

2. The media has this nasty habit of eradicating black womens prescence especially women who are darker skinned it’s as if we are unattractive and a problem. Then if we add in having natural hair as well oh dear lord stop the press she’s dark and has natural hair get rid of her…. Natural hair is on the rise I literally see it anywhere I go London, the Caribbean or right here in Birmingham where I live and it’s so beautiful to see that expression of self love.

Black women who want to remove the ties that bind and be truly free in who they are as a person. Though we still get a lot of hate for it which is a shame. If we are talking strictly representation you are more likely to see a lighter skinned black person with looser natural hair then a darker skinnned black person with tigger curls. This is a huge issue we need there to be more diversity with the black community because we are literally everywhere.

3. Colurism effects both dark skinned black women and lighter skinned black women we have different issues but we are both being oppressed I dare anyone to deny this. If you are a dark skinned and think that light skinned people don’t face colourism you are not better then those who attack you. We trying to get people especially black women to have self love for themselves because when you love yourself you can then learn to love one another.

The issue is instead we attack, ridicule criticise and condemn one another to the point where if we have plastic surgery or bleach our skin out. All of sudden everyone is on the attack calling you a sell out and lost. Not realising that them attacking you before that decimated your self esteem where you made this rash decision makes them just as lost. We need to show more love to darker skinned black women, and also think carefully before we attack lighter skinned black women also they’re going through it like we all are. Let’s not forget white people see us all as black.

4. Black men now I love black men to death but the small minority of you who attack black women and blame them for your every problem it needs to stop!! It is very hard to function in this world with all black women have to deal with the infighting that is going on, you can talk on black unity then attack your fellow woman it is a joke and disgusting. Now some black women are no better and I shall talk on them tomorrow. For now though I’m addressing the black men who ridicule us over everything and they also sit up in Twitter calling black women everything  under the sun, dating white somen and attacking black women and uplifting white women. It is unnecessary completely.

You do know there is a world out there with black women from all backgrounds Caribbean British African and African American how about you go out into the wider world and explore you would realise that condemning all black women as the same it’s pointless and futile wake up and smell the roses bruh.

5. Loss of identity sometimes it’s very difficult to forge an identity for yourself. Especially we black women who have had so much taken from us it’s as if who are we how do we find ourselves. Do we have to look within, or so we look to the outside and say how could you treat us so bad, slavery and even now in 2017 some of us are mental slaves to the system that batters us down to the point where we conform.

Well I don’t know bout you but sistah soul is done conforming I’m done hiding, I’m done having to be careful and watch what I say around people. I’m going  to express myself fully to the best of my abilities. So I say this to my fellow sistahs don’t be afraid of the unknown express yourself and open your mouths do not hide who you are. To please other people, because trust me no matter what we do they shall never be satisfied so do you and do it will confidence I love you sistahs and I always shall.

From one black woman to another keep rising and staying strong!!

Written by sistah soul ✨💋💄2017 (c)





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