2017 is here

Hey  followers and everyone else 2017 is here and it’s a time for new opportunities and growth stop worrying about the past focus on the future.

Yes people say it every year but it is stop putting of till tomorrow what you can do today, I plan to get this blog really going so that means more of my ranting sorry. 😝

The time for self-doubts has to stop I can no longer actively sabotage myself it’s time for a change and start believing  in myself and the best of my abilities!! 2017 shall be the year I push myself past my limits because there are none it’s all in the mind.

Short term goals this year to complete pass my driving test by the end of the year I shall be booking my theory test soon to do shortly, and next week I’m going to book some driving lessons before I start back at university.

Another short term is to leave my job as a health care assistant as it’s no longer serving me any purpose, it’s tiring and the pay is ridiculously poor for the work we are expected to do as much as I love taking care of people I have to take care of me to. Also the racism I experience within the care field is too much it can break you if you let it I shall no longer let fear hold me back.

I plan to really focus on my natural hair this year get it to its optime health which means more hiding it away in braids at least untill the summer time, also in December this year I plan to loc my hair it’s that time I’m ready 😁

Finally my Snapchat and petty shall continue but I’m going to change the focus I’ll still be petty here and there but I want to inject more positive energy and motivation into the world so I’ll be focusing more on uplifting my people so therefore Snapchat and petty shall change to black girl chronicles where I shall speak on our challenges and the positive things we do as black people!!

p.s my blog will be updated in a couple of weeks to the name sistah soul wait on it stay blessed and have a great 2017 🎉❤️💛💚

Written by black rose 2017 (c)


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