Sex vs love?

Ooh you know when you get that sweet feeling in yuh belly when you first fall in love and it’s all nice fresh and new or sometimes so you think sighs…..

Then there is the first time you decide this is the woman or man I’m going to have sex now it may not necessarily be the first time you’ve had sex but this new person in your life has elevated you up to new heights and you feel it’s the right decision to make. Now it can go one or two ways either you make love and it’s a beautiful feeling to share those type of emotions with a special someone.

Now how we decide what’s more important in a relationship on one hand if we take a look at love it’s what influences our decision to want to be with this person passionately and intimately. What if the sex isn’t good what do you do then do you continue on in the relationship and make it work trying new things to see if ph will be sexually compatible. Or do you cut your losses and decide it’s not even worth it and go your separate ways as sometimes trying to make it work is too much effort.

We do live in a throw away society where everything that gets a little bit hard has to be disposed of as it’s easier then talking to your partner and communication your issues and working through it.

Now let’s talk love, a relationship without love is a basically a lie a failed contract founded on unstable ground. No one should be in a relationship with anyone they don’t love you will be wasting your time and not being true to yourself and what your heart wants needs and desires. Love is not the only thing that can keep a relationship going but it is also an important component it’s what forms the first bond and the union between two souls.

So do we say sex is more important as there are those who believe that they can not have fall in love with someone without being with them intimately which is fine for them if that’s how they connect love to sex they are allowed to. Some people are like that, then there are those similar to me I have to love you before I give it up, but then again we all slip up and make mistakes and embrace what we think is love it’s ok it’s normal.

At the end of the day both sex and love form a big part of relationships it’s hard to say which one matters the most. I feel in some cases you can’t have one without the other…..

Written by black rose โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐ŸŒนโœ๐Ÿพ

2016 (c)


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