men and emotions

It’s me black rose back with another post this time I want to talk on men and emotions.

One thing I’ve noticed during my 28 years of life is how  boys are raised differently to how girls are with regards to emotions. boys get told to man up and not to cry and if they hear that enough they won’t. It’s problematic because when you a black woman are looking for a partner it becomes very difficult to deal with a man who feels it is weak to express his emotions and whether he likes or loves you.

We often do not want to deal with this when it comes to selecting a partner, you can’t tell me what’s on your mind how you feel you do not communicate. Yet at the same time we are expected to tell you everything what is on our minds and let you into every aspect of our lives but you can only show us surface level emotions. We need to dig deeper and get to the root cause of our disconnect.

When a man and woman are in a relationship communication is key, it is arquable that communication is the number one factor as to why relationships do not last as long as they should. The fact does remain without communication there is no relationship even body language is still communicating.

We sometimes give ourselves to empty vessels who are unable to receive because they do not know how to. If when you were a child you were told do not show emotion do not cry act like a man. That damages your psyche how you relate to others when you grow up and especially when it comes to being with a woman. Does the woman then have to teach you how to love her correctly? Show you how to express your emotions because they are there they just need to grow and flourish like newly planted seeds that shall form into roses.

We can learn to love people from afar untill they are ready to embrace love and accept it and most importantly show love back. Trying to stay down for a man who can’t for whatever reason tell you how he feels or even show it is an issue it’s all you are willing to deal with it do you stay with him and try and make it work though sometimes it’s like plucking teeth difficult.

Or do you leave in the hope that some how you not being there will shock him into realising he does love and need you, but then again this is no Disney movie. Love is complicated incredibly but it can also be beautiful decide what you want from love and from there you can build a stable foundation.

Men also understand that we will always love you, respect encourage and stand by you, if we see you want to go for something a little gentle nudge can get you going it’s not to nag it’s to get you motivated and going. We want you to achieve things to the best of your ability and especially from a black woman to a black man we love you the most be not discouraged in the face of adversity stand strong and true and know that it is ok to cry to crumble to feel like giving up it’s normal and its human you are not any less of a man because that all of those make you a man

Written by black rose one love ❤💛💚🌹✍🏾


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