Black girl chronicles part 5

I’m tired of the bullshit……

Listen I love black people truly I do but what i can not stand is the uppity I’m better then you behaviour and thinking you have knowledge of certain issues that effect us. Now what’s really irritated me lately is when I happened to be in conversation with a few African American ladies who told me that slavery in America was worse then slavery in the West Indies.

First of hold up wait a minute….? Who told you this nonsense like how on earth was you able to fix those irrational illogical and down disrespectful thoughts in your heads. Let’s be clear it doesn’t matter who actually had slavery worse but if you would do your research you would find in the West Indies the conditions were far more dier but that’s neither here nor there. The point I’m making is it’s not right to offend those who are on your side at the end of the day we are all black bleed black deal with the same issues.

You can not alienate those who struggle how you struggle, it’s hard enough being black without this nonsense of infighting between us all, and the things that were said were downright disrespectful rude and offensive!!! I’m a black British woman though I’m not really British but that’s a story for another day and my family is West Indian my roots did indeed start in Africa like yours did also. Who are you to tell me my struggle, who are you to make me feel as if I’m fighting for the right to be seen as a human being black first and foremost and as a woman and also to be taken seriously. When my fellow black women can not do the same is it that difficult for you?

You got the nerve to want to talk on having respect for one another’s differences, and our cultures because even though I was born in the uk I had a very much west Indian upbringing which I shall install into my children as and when I have them. It is our cultures that make us who we are a lasting legacy of who we once were and still could be if we were to ascend to greatness which is achievable but it has to be a collective effort.

To be quite honest sometimes I feel as if my passion is fulfill I only have to go into Facebook groups and on twitter or on YouTube peruse the vids or comments etc to see what quite a few African Americans think of us black people who aren’t from America. It is a one size fits all mentality we are black and American if you’re not the same then you are not black and it’s quite disturbing and sickening to see.

If we were to spend less time bickering and fighting with one another and don’t make assumptions about things we don’t have no clue then we would be far more progressed then we are now but it is a shame we are unable to achieve and grow to our true potentials.

I am only one person I can’t change things on my own but I know there are people on my side who get it, I mean slavery isn’t a case of who had it worse but rather white supremacists taking control of people who don’t belong to them enslaving them and dragging them out of the land they knew and loved and it still effects us to this day……

Written by black rose โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐ŸŒนโœ๐Ÿพ


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