What I love about being natural

Hey it’s me I’m back and I’m just going to say a few things what I love about natural if it can help anyone to feel better about themselves then that’s bless.

The main thing I love is the freedom natural hair is such a beautiful thing, especially when you’ve tried that bomb ass hairstyle you saw on Facebook and it comes looking fresh as anything yesssss.

The fact that natural hair can be so incredibly strong, when your hair is healthy it’s very hard for it to break but notice how if you relaxed your hair would break more often. It’s because the chemicals in the relaxer work denaturing the strands of your hair so they’re permanently straight. The problem with that is our hair isn’t naturally straight and isn’t meant to be so by chemically weakening our hair it leads to problems.

When our hair is in its natural state and we know what works for it, it blossoms like daffodils in spring time full of life and passion.

I love rocking my big Afro from time to time, or a blow out to check on the length. Sometimes it can twists, flat twists, buns puffs you name it. Natural hair is so versatile you can do pretty much anything to it but take precaution especially if you’re like me and have 4chair our hair type is the curliest and kinkiest which means it’s more likely to break but at the same time it’s also the strongest type what a contradiction lol.

I love the stares  I get when I’m rocking a natural hair style it’s like people are surprised that our hair is damn beautiful and but don’t get me wrong if yuh touch no hair woiii better hope yuh don’t get cussed.

I love that I know longer conform to society’s view that relaxed hair or straight hair is what we need to be acceptable. My natural hair is stunning beautiful, magnificent etc. We don’t need you to tell us what we need to do.

So stand strong natural hair sistahs we are dong it big ❤💛💚✊🏾

Written by Cocoa rose 🌹 ✍🏾



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