Black girl chronicles part 4

She evolved into a black rose watch her growth……

I am very disturbed seriously disturbed by the fact I am now picking up racism from places I would not ordinarily think it should be.

Imagine uni life I’m writing my images of inequality assignment on black minority elders and how they are socially excluded form social care and partially health care. Imagine my surprise that there is next to no information on how the elderly are excluded, and black people are virtually invisible.

its this invisibility that is a problem you can not tell me this is not racism, don’t you even fix your mouth to tell me it’s not. Why is there not enough information when it’s required it’s unbelievably blatant that I do not know why I even bothered the fact I got to 1017 words is because I managed to find journals to bulk out my arguement.

To make it worse the information I did find in books was outrageously outdated if I need my information to be current and factual to today aka 2016 what is a book from 1990 going to  do to help?!! Let me answer you absolutely nothing, nothing at all….

I actually felt like crying because the information I did find black minority elders are misrespresrbted in social care and health care services, cultural bias professionals making decisions for the bme without their approval because they assume they want something which is not the truth. They are not dumb how can you empower an individual or group of people if you make decisions for them I hate to say it but that is racism.

You see their different colour and think that they either don’t require help or you give them more then they need. I am highly disappointed by findings how can we aim to change when there is not enough information to be found to strength the arquement in the first place.

I as a black British woman do not want to be in the position where I can not do the work because I already know how black people are perceived to be. I had to push myself past my comfort zones and actively search for information that would be useful in my assignment a lot of the books I did find that were  recent where of no use because even though they covered the elderly and social care they made no mention of ethnic minority elders have difficulties with getting social care.

So you mean to tell me you accept that black minority elders are on the rise here in the uk but then you blatantly ignore them in your books on the elderly as if they do not matter and nothing to do with you when if it was not for their contributions there would by no NHS, and a lot of these buildings wouldn’t even be here but ok ignore them belittle then assume things about them do not irritate me today please.

Our black minority elders here in the United Kingdom are to be respected and not devalued not ignored not to be isolated and treated as if they do not matter because they do matter to me and every other black person here in the uk and extended families in the Caribbean.

Sonething will change soon best believe I may only be one person but sometimes that is all you need someone willing to try…..

Im a black rose trying to grow

written by black rose 🌹 (C) 2016



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