Black girl chronicles part 3

And thus the gloves came of, her new name is thorny rose…..’ 

I have come to the ultimate conclusion talking to close minded white people about systematic oppression, white supremacy is a waste of black people’s time. Do not do it to yourself fair enough some of them aren’t racist because you know they have a black gold fish named Lorenzo. At the end of the day value your time carefully and be productive.

On my Facebook page last week I posted a quote that lil Kim had said in 2000, about why she doesn’t feel attractive and how her dad called her ugly and every black man she had been in a relationship with always left her for a lighter skinned woman with blonde hair. Can you imagine the damage that inflicted on her, I was heartbroken truly.

I know how she feels to not feel good enough, that you’re not attractive that you are too dark, your hair is too ‘natural’ aka nappy. Now Kim has altered her appearance to reflect her inner feelings of turmoil she feels ugly because it’s what she’s been taught and made to believe. It has become her reality so anyone who condemns her can get bent.

Now my issues is with white women well certain white women is they think it’s a simple case of oh all she needs is just to have self love as if it’s that simple to change what you know to be true, it is not!! Then they dismiss entirely what I’m saying by claiming all women go through this?!! Excuse em moi? All women go through or have been through 400+years of systematic oppression white supremacy racism, black men devaluing them I think not!!

ill wait with my ear cocked to the side with my twist up screw face, while they collate their thoughts and tell me a black woman if ever I need some self love I just have to believe even though I’m living under the reign where white womens beauty is praised above mine and it always shall be. You don’t understand me or what fellow black people go through so step to the left and out of my path to greatness…

I would cuss u but I don’t have time for that, and if I did you would refer to me as an angry black women because you know our feelings our feelings do not matter. They are there to be squeezed out of us suppressed and basically obliterated. A black women showing emotion is a dangerous one!!

Please don’t deny our feelings please don’t say you understand because you truly don’t, white people arent and have never been subjected to years of oppression abuse white supremacy racism etc. So when you say you’re not racist but ignore what we are telling you are indulging in your white privilege which enables you to do so. So for black people everywhere step  of and step back……

Cocoa rose 2016 (c) ❤️💛💚🌹




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