Black girl chronicles part 2

Thus I decided our hearts  must be departed…..

I am a black woman and while I love black men, and allowed one to capture my heart I decided to let him go because he took advantage of my good nature.

I loved him to the best of my ability, but sometimes they can be so incredibly draining that’s all men not talking on race ALL MEN!! I have realised  you can try and help someone all you want but when they start relying on you to much is becomes a problem. The co-dependency was unreal I felt I was actually suffocating and drowning trying to deal with issues I’m going through and with his shit as well I couldn’t I had to let him go.

As a black woman still finding my way in the world, it is incredibly difficult to steer yourself in the right direction.  When  someone is holding on to you so tight that you have no room within which to move. So I had to shake him of in my Mariah Carey’s voice, and what’s right for me my needs my health, more importantly my mental health if you causing more stress then happiness you need to get gone.

Im not saying I didn’t love him or don’t love him, but because you love someone you should stay with them, see it like this. Are they helping you to advance in life, are they pushing you to the best of your abilities. If you can answer no to any of these questions then sorry to say his not the one for you love is nothing without a stable foundation and sometimes the cracks form before the mud is set.

We tried to make it work for a second time but the same problems keep creeping up over and over so baby we shall stay over….

Cocoa rose 2016 ❤️💛💚🌹



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