Rain fall
He drenched my earth with his rain saturating me with essence felt like we were in the middle of the Amazonian rainforest of the trees could tell a tale that would say we saw everything our sounds echoed by the trunks and the brownness and sweetness was rivalled by our melanin becoming one……
universe gazing
He had me seeing the universe though there was no telescope
Every sweet sensual moment he made as our bodies became one my words constantly dying In my throat
He had me soaring through the atmosphere though I hadn’t moved an inch I saw stars and my heart beat so very far
My body became fire, dragged out by his lustful desire
Every gaze on my naked flesh turned my skin into a unbridled mess
The windows were open but there was to be no cooling down for each word he’d spoken scorched my enflamed soul
The sweet sounds of our love making rivalled the birds in the trees
He used my body as his instrument and plucked every fibre of my being I was seeing every lyric on the imaginary keyboard of our passion of which you can not fathom……..
Cocoa rose 2016 (c) ❤️💛💚🌹


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