Dyslexia is petttty

So who am I a 28yr old black female from planet earth who also has dyslexia, according to the bda (British dyslexia association) dyslexia is described as being a learning difficulty that affects the skills involved in accurate and fluent word reading and spelling. Now isn’t that the truth the amount of times I’ve misspelled simple words is a joke I think my dyslexia is petty as hell….

I would love to not have this affliction but god said no take it and love it, I can’t say it truly bothers me all the time but spelling sometimes is a myth, reading aloud is highly difficult as I stumble over words as due to my dyslexia my brain processes things at an incredibly high speed but my mouth can’t keep up with it so the stumbling block leads to embarrassment and me wanting to dive head first into the ground.

One of the bigger issues I find is people’s attitude to dyslexia hasn’t changed much since I was a child though I didn’t find out untill 2012 I now realise and reflect back on peoples ignorance towards it. They assume you’re thick, or have no sense at all because you make a simple mistake but truthfully you maybe much more intelligent then them it just takes you a little longer to process things the slow and steady wins the race I say.

First time I realised my dyslexia is was a petty bitch was when I was younger not being able to tell me left from my right big indication that my brain is backwards thanks dyslexia you’ve been great step on down and let me live please and thankyoh. Another indication tying my shoelace took a little longer then the average child because things i would learn would rot quicker then most people as my long term memory can not hold it for as long.

Take a dyslexic persons memory like a sive you know what you use to strain rice, the water is the information some water will remain and all the rest will filter through the holes in the sive  straight away and that’s where the problems lie usually it’s the information I don’t need that remains and the things I need to remember gets filtered out.

It’s like having having someone kicking things around in your head and all the important information gets flung out nope don’t need you byyye told you dyslexia is petttty. Finally the spelling I have to focus on the spelling because dyslexia does not rsyemy life when it comes to that the amount of words I’ve spelt correctly but the  wrong word I was looking for is a joke how many times can this happen and it’s now even once or twice it’s several times.

Other times it’s knowing how to spell a word but when it comes to writing it down it’s all jumbled and confusing and the only thing that’s correct it’s the first letter so I often times give up all together and decide on a different word with the same meaning it makes life so much simpler, it truly does.

Dyslexia creates difficulties for me but at the same time I can’t blame it for why I can’t do certain things as my brain is wired differently it just means you learn coping mechanisms and how to better manange things so it’s petty but I wouldn’t actually trade it for the world….

Thoughts of a dyslexic black girl

Cocoa rose 2016 (c) ❤️💛💚🌹


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