Solange a seat at the table review!!

Heyyyy ladies and I do mean ladies how many of you have checked out solange knowles new album A seat at the table a beautifully crafted album that solange said she took four years to create and I must say my girl did the damn ting mi rass it good nuh……

The way this album flows is so effortless the soft melodic sounds, the lyrics tell a tale a never ending story of a black womans struggles and triumphs no matter whether your African American, black British like myself or Afro Caribbean if you’ve experienced racism, discrimination this album is for you….

1. Rise the opening track just pure emotions from the jump the track had me all the way in my petty feelings softened just a touch the vocals so rich and smooth I rode that wave

2. Track 4 canes in the sky I feel like solange was talking about depression in this song and boy did I feel it when she hits the high note just before the song ends I never knew she had it in her she was a bird who took flight

3. Mad the black girls anthem why is it black women are always being told their anger is a problem and as soft as her vocals are on this song she expressed it in her own way

4. Don’t touch my hair oh gosh my hands down favourite track on the album the pettiness of this song it’s so real i get my life of this track indeed I do, when she says ‘what you say to me’ ha black girls all around the world stood up and rejoiced finally a song for all the times we wanted to say leave us and our hair alone bish like you want to loose your hand or what girl bye πŸ‘‹πŸΎ

I give this album a solid 9/10 one of the best albums I’ve heard all year and I’ve heard a lot black girl magic is in full effect currently keep on shining beautiful melanin talented

1. Rise

2. Weary

3. Interlude: the glory is in you

4. Cranes in the sky

5.interlude: dad was mad

6. Mad ft lil Wayne

7. Don’t Β you wait

8. Interlude: Tina taught me

9. Don’t touch my hair ft Sampha

10. Interlude: This moment

11. Where do we go

12. Interlude: for us by us

13. F.u.b.u The dream & bj the Chicago kid

14. Borderline an ode to self care ft q-tip

15. Interlude: I got so much magic, you can have it ft Kelly Rowland & Nia Andrews

16. Junie

17. Interlude: no limits

18. Don’t wish me well

19. Interlude: pedestals

20. Scales ft kelela

21. Closing the chosen ones

Review by cocoa rose β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸŒΉ

Cocoa rose 2016 (c)



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