Blinded by love

I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself an expert on love, being that I was what you call a late developer it wasn’t untill I hit my late teens early 20’s men started showing an interest or maybe I like fellow reserved females just never took the time to notice. One thing I do know is you can be so blinded by what you think is love you will miss ques that something isn’t altogether right or ok with your partner.

When you first get together everything is good isn’t it you’re in the honeymoon phase where you think the sun shines out of each other’s backsides and he/she can’t go wrong. What you think is love is really just a drug aka the endorphins racing around your body because you have someone new in your life and it feels so sweet.

We oftentimes loose who we are in the new relationship trying to please your partner that you forget who you were before you became one with another soul but is that person best for you?

Do they inspire you to do better, or do they criticise you any chance they get are they appreciating you when they need help and you’re there for them or do they push you away but when they come around expect you to stay? This isn’t the friggin movies life doesn’t work that way if your relationship feels like a chore then it’s not yours.

Sometimes a relationship will combust  within a couple of weeks not to say that there was no feelings there but just having mild feelings isn’t enough I’ve been the foolish girl trying to hold on longer then I should when he has already stepped out and took my heart with him not realising his the owner…..

Take back your power and control over your thoughts and feelings especially when someone shows such casual disregard towards them love yourself more then someone’s abuse of you

Thoughts of a healing chick 🐥

Cocoa rose 2016 (c) ❤️💛💚🌹


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