Black girl chronicles

To be or not to be that is the question my magnificent melanin is a blessing thus this is true……. 

Being a black woman in today’s society is like art, the idea that everyone has a different perception of me and how they perceive me to be based on their pre-conceived notions of what a black woman is.

Thy  black woman is a highly aggressive paranoid female who does not how to conduct herself properly in society…. so I’ve been told the truth is we get angry because we’re told not to breathe don’t make a sound a black womans place in society is be quiet and not be loud and abrasive sorry I don’t play that mess…..

Thy black woman is a soul infused black bird soaring through her journey free of earthly burdens and they were ready to shoot us down. To be a black and to live in Britain is what I define as decidedly difficult I’m currently undertaking a social care and health studies degree, and it begs the question do I allow myself to be used by a country that devalues my sensual presence every day.

Serious questions need to be asked do I want to die here? Can I afford to move out this country once my three years is done? Do I value myself enough as a black woman to achieve anything I set my mind to? How do I answer these questions yes anything I want to achieve the answer is yes believe I can make a change in my life and a message to all black British women define who you are and make it grand….

I live in a country that essentially doesn’t value me as a human being I live under a systematic regime of racist which is in place to strip me of my spirit, strip me of what it means to be black to be a woman to white wash my black essence. Their  goal is to make me forget where I came from I am a misplaced African who was stolen from what I know and moved to a foreign land called the West Indies but the beauty of those islands has my heart I call myself the island girl…..

One day I shall return to what I know my soul needs untill then I’m constantly learning and improving….

From an educated black woman this knowledge can’t be taught in schools

Cocoa Rose 2016 (c) 🌹❤️💛💚


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