Don’t touch my hair

‘Don’t touch my hair’, beautifully sung by solange knowles a track of her new album a seat at the table ‘when it’s the feelings that I wear’. Black girls everywhere stood still I bet in solid reflection thinking back to a time where we literally had to tell someone do not touch my hair, it is beyond disrespect.

I remember clearly one time at work when a white woman decided to put her hands in my hair and referred to it as wild and the funny thing is I was stunned into silence I felt as I couldn’t tell her my true feelings I don’t like people in my hair.

Black women are not zoo animals to be poked and prodded through cages we are human beings and yes our hair is different but what gives you the right to touch what does not belong to you get with the programme please.

I’ve often  found that when you do tell white people dont touch my hair they some how get offended I bet they’re thinking this uppity negro told me I can’t touch her hair, news flash slavery is over and my mind is free and true and brand new and I won’t stand for being used.

How can they get offended when we’re trying to reclaim the right to be treated on an individual basis the phrase look but don’t touch comes to mind, though sometimes I want to say don’t even look my hair is not a birds nest, it is most certainly not wild and I love how it grows up and out free from the worldly burdens.

Hair is not just hair, especially not for a black woman it is a sense of pride a crown she wears so beautifully and elegantly  . When you live in a world that persecuted black women for having natural hair made them put chemicals in it because it would be more attractive maybe if you straighten your hair it will be more work friendly less aggressive and wild let’s be neat and polite and fit in shall we the time for change is now.

So please don’t touch my hair and don’t talk on it either  because it’s not yours and never will be you will never understand the pain we black women have to go through in order to fit in. We either assimilate to fit in or we do the exact opposite and get told that we aren’t conforming to society’s rules id rather not conform my African beauty doesn’t fit your European beauty but that’s ok, that’s ok…..

living in this world I’ve learnt to care more about my hair to take pride in it to realise it’s apart of my identity my culture and I love it, it’s more then just hair it’s a sense of pride and you know what it’s all mine….

Thoughts of a natural haired chick

Cocoa rose 2016 (c) 🌹❤️💛💚


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