Dear black men

Dear black men, we black women love cherish and care for you but sometimes I question are we afforded the same? This isn’t meant to be harsh but maybe it should be so the message can penetrate the small mindedness of your behaviour and so you also realise how we will not tolerate your slack behaviour any more.

This isn’t an attack on all black men by the way but for the small number of you get it all the way together please. Those memes you create to poke fun at dark skinned black women are not amusing in fact all humour is devoid like your sense.

How are those memes funny and do you not understand the repercussions of your actions. They are hurtful to us we are already told by media that we are the bottom of the barrel in regards to beauty, and instead of our men defending us you are poking fun at us.

Now it’s not to say that there aren’t memes that are meant to be humorous aimed at black men to while really it’s a under cover attack but when we share them we participate in the destruction for the love that we once had for each other.

Every time I try to explain to a black man the attack on black women is clear and true unless you are open to hear it you shut us down and turn it around to make it seem as if we’re attacking you. Making comments well what about black women dating white men etc well first of all black women are the most likely to date within their own race and we date outside our race less then black men do.

We black women still love you, we still will march for you without question but we want the same from you that’s not too much to ask is it?!!

From a tired black woman who loves too much

Cocoa rose 2016 (c) 🌹❤️💛💚


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