Big egos & small draws!’

I would like to address those men who don’t know how to accept the word no, I mean seriously how hard is it if a woman does not accept your advances it doesnt give you the right to either A force yourself on her because you know she’s asking do it or B stab or physically attack her.

Is your ego that high or are your draws to tight and small and it’s cutting of the circulation to your arrogant little crass minds. A woman has a right to say no we do not have to do what you want us to, if we tell you sorry we aren’t interested politely move on and don’t embarrass yourself by insulting us. It makes you look bad not us.

Maybe im from the old school where a man accepts rejection with grace knows not to push his damn luck we don’t have to use some chose words such as ‘you rass hole bastard keep away from me I wasn’t ugly when you was hitting on me was I damn rat looking….. ‘ you get the picture but now it’s seems men are pushing far beyond their usual boundaries and it’s putting us women in danger.

Take for example an article I read this week where a young woman was run over in broad daylight after she chose to ignore a guy cat calling to her. This woman had every right to ignore this man if she felt it was demeaning and degrading to her we are women not pieces of meat to spit out at your displeasure I’m sorry to disappoint you but we aren’t here for you.

I as a young woman when I step out of my house I don’t expect everyone to like me my name isn’t snow black but at the same time I don’t expect to be disrespected either so excuse me if I ignore you and your foolish attempts to woo me if I don’t respond it means sorry boo you failed 😐.

Thoughts of a petty chick…..

Cocoa rose 2016 (c) 🌹❤️💛💚



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