Black pain and entertainment

It seems recently that the catch of the day is to poke fun at black people and their pain, whether it be slavery, our natural hair, our culture etc our pain is becoming a joke to some people something to laugh at and we’ve had about enough!!

Recently a British soap called coronation had gotten into a hell of lot of trouble as during Monday’s episode a character called Eva made the following joke and I use that word loosely ‘I have more roots then kunte kinte, I don’t even know who that is, my mother used to say it all the time’.

Due to this line being aired ofcom the regulator of tv shows has received almost 300 complaints including one from myself, I also made complaints to the itv viewer services and on coronation street Facebook and Twitter pages. I felt it was necessary to show that we aren’t going to take this lightly why is it people are constantly poking fun at us as if we acts in a circus. Or better yet according to them zoo animals.

I recived an apology of sorts from one of the team members of coronation street with which I’m not satisfied  whenever they apologise with the worlds ‘we are sorry if it was offensive’ So you knew while it was written it would be offensive and also the script must have changed several hands yet you allowed it be filmed acted out and shown to millions of people In the uk. It is going to cause damage.

Let me go back a bit kunte kinte was a fictional character in the tv miniseries roots based in America, even though he himself was fictional his character was based on the author of the book roots Alex healey’s relative who was stolen from The Gambia and forced into slavery. Ask yourself why are we so angry and upset because we can’t just get over slavery it’s not that simple.

Slavery  ended over 400yrs ago and it was a world wide movement including the Caribbean, Britain, American and of course Africa it’s self. We are still dealing with the after effects to this day Britain is known for its institutional racism for example black children being more likely to be kicked out of school.

After slavery we were reminded just how much hatred they had for us in this country ever heard of a gollywog a doll with jet black skin big red lips a caricature of what they perceived black people to be based on the minstrel series. Were white people would dress up like black people as during that time black people were not allowed to act.

As highly offensive as the gollywog is there are still places it’s sold today and a good number of white older British makes and females think there is nothing wrong with them just harmless toys. Don’t bother to get into an argument with them because they refuse to change their ignorant minds.

This is the British experience what I as a black woman have to deal with its difficult to voice your opinion when racist white people tell you to stop complaining or that your suffering is a joke and doesn’t matter well it matters to me and all other black people because we matter.!!

keshia rose 2016 (c) ❤️💛💚


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