Letter to my next

Dear next life partner I really don’t know what to call you as I haven’t met you yet maybe I should start of with dear potential. Dear potential I don’t need you to save me, I do not need rescuing I can save myself but what I do need is your love…

Your love will only be a blessing as I’m already whole your love won’t complete me, but it will be a beautiful advancement. Take me as I am do not try to change me, having dealt with that in the past I won’t take too kindly to it happening again.

Dont take advantage of my kind nature I shall support and cherish you but a relationship is 50/50 and I expect you to do your  part or me and you shall depart. We can walk together and we can take on  the world together but we can’t be fuck ups together that will drag us both down.

I want a long lasting love, but I’m no fool I don’t expect a guy to come knock on my door and he shall be my soul mate this is no Disney movie real life is more complicated. Flowers won’t fix everything and a box of chocolates I can by myself should the urge take me.

The most important thing time, commitment and love and trust all these things combined shall form a solid foundation for which a field of love can grow……

Keshia rose 2016 (c) ❤️💛💚




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